Simple Tips For You To Drive Safely

Today we will talk about the importance of defensive driving and how to drive safely; we have separated some tips for you to check out; see below:

Defensive driving, or safe driving, as the name implies, is the correct and safe way to drive, as it consists of procedures that allow the driver to foresee possible risks and dangerous situations.It aims to establish responsible, safe, and collective driving, preventing traffic violations such as not reducing your speed when you see street bumps, and accidents, hence the importance of driving safely.

Main Causes of Accidents

According to research carried out around the world, the main causes of traffic accidents are:

Driving under the influence of alcohol and narcotic substances

Recklessness – Inadequate speed

Malpractice – Inexperience or lack of knowledge of the place

Negligence – Lack of attention

Among other causes are Mechanical problems, driver problems, and road problems

Tips For Driving Safely

Among the main defensive driving tips, we can highlight:

The use of seat belts by all occupants

Do not use belt loops

Keep the seat belt in good condition

Respect intersections with traffic lights and other signs

Maintain periodic and preventive maintenance of the vehicle, always up to date

Do not drive the vehicle after drinking alcoholic beverages

Respect the speed limits set by road regulations


Use mirrors correctly

Do not travel on the shoulder

Hold the steering wheel with both hands

Keep your attention in traffic, and don’t get distracted by side conversations, loud music, cell phone, etc.

Always wait for a permitted and safe condition to overtake

Keep the correct position when driving, reducing physical wear and increasing your safety

In fog, reduce speed and use the low beam of the headlight

Avoid collisions by keeping a safe distance

Always keep a garbage bag inside the vehicle. Do not throw garbage on the road, in vacant lots, or on the vegetation on the side of the highways.

For motorcycle and moped riders: